Visitor Registration and Guidelines

The beautiful lands and waters that the Mamalilikulla regard as home are very popular for recreational uses, particularly kayaking, boating and camping by the public and commercial tour operators. Attractions include sheltered waterways, existing parks and conservancies, natural campsites and an abundance of marine and land animals, birds and plants. There are also many features and sites of cultural significance to the Mamalilikulla people.

If you are planning a recreational trip into our territory (see map below) we request the following to make your visit safe, enjoyable, and respectful of the Mamalilikulla’s inherent stewardship role:


    • By filling in and submitting our Registration Form (below), we will have a better idea of what routes and sites our visitors like to use, so that we can better manage and plan the area and increase your safety.
    • Registration provides an opportunity for our Guardians to help if you run into trouble on your trip.
    • If your itinerary includes a visit to Mimkwamlis on Village Island, you MUST register with us at so that we can provide you with a specific permission letter and a liability waiver form for that part of your trip.


    • We are a small Nation with a large territory and limited funding for Guardian and Stewardship activities.
    • Your voluntary donation of $20 per day per person ,helps keep our Guardians operating in the territory to conduct wildlife monitoring, inventory work and safety programs and to help protect our cultural sites and features from damage and desecration.
    • If your itinerary includes a visit to Mimkwamlis on Village Island, a fee of $1 per foot of vessel used to access Village Island is required in addition to the $20 per day per person fee.


    • Site entry: Respect site features by not disturbing or removing creatures, plants, non-living objects and First Nation cultural evidence.
    • Site exit: Leave no visible evidence of your visit, by cleaning up, packing out everything you brought in, and leaving the site in better condition than you found it.
    • Campfire safety: Observe all fire precautions, bans and notices, and locate fires (if needed) below high tide lines or in designated fire pits.
    • Waste management: Leave no human solid waste behind, either on the ground or buried; use the lowest tide level for disposal of gray water; use designated toilets if in place.
    • Route and trail safety:Follow established, known, and mapped trails and sites as seen on the BC Marine Trails Network website, for greater safety and reduction of ecological disturbance.
    • Animal disturbance and safety: Keep your distance from marine mammals and land-based wildlife.
    • Respect First Nation stewardship: Comply with posted site restrictions and follow advice and requests from Guardians; observe and comply with special visitor requirements on our Village Island Reserve.
    • Respect Indigenous culture: Avoid disturbance of cultural features such as shell middens, clam gardens, rock art and village remnants.

Please refer to the BC Marine Trails Association website for routes, site locations and constraints, territories, and a Code of Conduct.

Mamalilikulla First Nation Territory

Site Registration Form & Donation

Site Registration Form and Donation

Contact Information

Selected Value: 1
Selected Value: 1

Voluntary Fee Calculation:

General visitor fee (including Village Island visits) = # of days x # of persons in party x $20 = $
Village Island access fee (if applicable) = Access vessel length (in feet) x $1 = $

Mail directly to:
Visitor Registration, c/o Band Administration
168 – 1436 Island Highway,
Campbell River BC V9W 8C9OR


Etransfer payment to

Note: Your personal details will be kept confidential and will only be used for compiling visitor statistics and to confirm your visitor registration.

Reminder: Please contact if your registered itinerary includes a visit to Mimkwamlis on Village Island, so that we can provide you with a permission letter and waiver form.

For more information, contact:

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