Welcome to Mamalilikulla First Nation's Medical Transportation Request Form. To ensure smooth and efficient processing of your request, please carefully read and adhere to the following rules and guidelines:

Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Submission Deadline: Please submit this form along with your appointment confirmation at least 5 working days prior to your appointment. This allows us ample time to make the necessary arrangements.
  2. Completeness: Fill out all sections of the form thoroughly. Incomplete forms cannot be processed.
  3. Confirmation: Ensure that your doctor's office faxes confirmation of your appointment to the band office.
  4. Confirmation of Attendance: Have the doctor’s office sign/stamp the Confirmation of Attendance Form.
  5. Hotel Cancellation: To avoid responsibility for incurred expenses, provide a minimum of 72 hours' notice for hotel cancellations. Please get in touch with our patient travel clerk, Richard Gladstone, for cancellations.
  6. Ferry Receipts: Submit ferry receipts to the patient travel clerk. Failure to do so will result in ferry reimbursement only.
  7. Appointment Changes: Notify the patient travel clerk in case of appointment cancellations or changes.
  8. Responsibility: If you miss your appointment after receiving patient travel assistance, you are responsible for returning or repaying the funds. Future patient travel assistance will not be provided until this is resolved.
  9. Additional Costs: Any costs exceeding FNHA NIHB patient travel authorization are the patient's responsibility.
  10. Cheque Issue: Cheques are issued at 2 pm the day before the appointment, provided the form is fully completed and submitted at least 5 business days prior to the appointment and there are no unforeseen circumstances.

Patient Travel Clerk:

Patient Travel is provided by Mamalilikulla First Nation for individuals who are unable to access patient travel services in their area. If you are already receiving services through an FNHA office or Friendship Centre, we encourage you to continue using them.

We adhere to the rules and guidelines set forth by the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) to ensure fair and equitable access to medical transportation services.

For any inquiries or assistance regarding your medical transportation request, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated team:

  • Community Health Representative: Twyla Edmonds
  • Patient Travel Clerk: Richard Gladstone
  • Email:

I appreciate your cooperation. We're here to support you in accessing the medical care you need.

Twyla Edmonds
Community Health Representative

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Richard Gladstone
Patient Travel Clerk

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Jordans Principal

To find out who's covered under Jordan's Principle, visit Who is covered.

Jordan’s Principle is free to access

There is no fee for First Nations children to access Jordan’s Principle. Regional focal points and service coordinators will help you with a request for free. For help with a request or if you have questions, please contact us.

Available 24 hours, 7 days a week

Updates on Jordan's Principle

Jordan's Principle External Appeals Committee

From January to March 2021, Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) issued a call for proposals to seek services from professionals in the health, social and education fields to review appeals and issue recommendations as part of the new Jordan's Principle External Appeals Committee. The call is now closed. Thank you to all those who expressed an interest. ISC will communicate the results of the process to those who applied once the evaluation of the proposals is finished.

Other updates on Jordan's Principle

Under Jordan's Principle we are ensuring that First Nations children can access the products, services and supports they need, when they need them, while we work with First Nations partners, provinces and territories to develop long-term approaches to help better address the unique needs of First Nations children.

On September 29, 2021, the federal court upheld orders by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal regarding eligibility under Jordan's Principle and compensation. The Government of Canada did not appeal the orders about Jordan's Principle eligibility for products and services.

This means that First Nations families can continue to access Jordan's Principle under the same eligibility criteria that has been in place since November 25, 2020. To find out more, visit:

To learn more about the latest federal court decision on child and family services and Jordan's Principle, or about other related decisions, consult:

Learn more about the agreements-in-principle related to the First Nations Child and Family Services program and Jordan's Principle:

About Jordan's Principle

Jordan's Principle makes sure all First Nations children living in Canada can access the products, services and supports they need, when they need them. Funding can help with a wide range of health, social and educational needs, including the unique needs that First Nations Two-Spirit and LGBTQQIA children and youth and those with disabilities may have.

Jordan's Principle is named in memory of Jordan River Anderson. He was a young boy from Norway House Cree Nation in Manitoba.

Requests for Inuit children can be made through the Inuit Child First Initiative.

What we are doing

We are supporting children who need help right away and are making long-term changes for the future, such as through reforming child and family services.

For the long-term, we are working to build better structures and funding models. These will make sure First Nations children living in Canada get the products, services and supports they need, when they need them. To do this, we are working closely with:

  • provinces
  • territories
  • First Nations partners
  • service organizations

Since 2016, the Government has committed $3.5 billion toward meeting the needs of First Nations children through Jordan's Principle.

Local service coordinators have been hired in communities across Canada. They can help families who:

  • have questions about Jordan's Principle
  • would like to submit a request for products, services or supports under Jordan's Principle

We fund these coordinators, who are staffed by:

  • local tribal councils
  • First Nations communities
  • regional health authorities
  • First Nations non-governmental organizations, etc.

We also have staff across the country dedicated full-time to Jordan's Principle. They work closely with the local coordinators to make sure all requests are processed as quickly as possible.

National Office
Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm Eastern time

Indigenous Services Canada

Atlantic Region (New Brunswick, Newfoundland , Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island)
Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm Atlantic time

For requests:

For payment inquiries:

Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm Eastern time

For requests:

For payment inquiries:

Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm Eastern time

For requests:

For payment inquiries:

Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm Central time

For requests:

For payment inquiries:

Monday to Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm Central time

For requests:

For payment inquiries:

Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm Mountain time

For requests and payments:

British Columbia
Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm Pacific time

For requests:

For payment inquiries:

Northern Region - Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut
Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm Eastern time

For requests:

For payment inquiries:

Who can send requests

A request for a child or children in the same family or with the same guardian can be submitted by:

  • a parent or guardian of a First Nations or Indigenous child who ordinarily resides on reserve
  • a First Nations, or Indigenous child who ordinarily resides on reserve, at the age of consent in their province or territory of residence. A child at the age of consent can make decisions on their own about the care they need. Age of consent varies by province or territory.
  • an authorized representative of the child, parent or guardian
    • written or verbal consent must be provided by the parent or guardian

An authorized representative is an individual or business that the requester has given authorized, written permission to act on their behalf with respect to a Jordan's Principle request.

A request for a group of children from multiple families or guardians can be submitted by:

  • a parent or guardian of First Nations or Indigenous children who ordinarily reside on reserve
  • a community or Tribal Council
  • a community organization or institution
  • a service coordinator, navigator or case manager

They can request products, services and supports, such as:

  • respite care
  • wheelchair ramps
  • support programs
  • educational assistants
  • transportation to school
  • local therapeutic specialists

How to send a request

Jordan's Principle can help First Nations children flourish.

Contact us through our call centre, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or your regional focal point to start your request to access services through Jordan's Principle.

The call centre or your regional focal point can provide copies of the forms to start a request or assist you with filling them in.

You can also obtain copies of the forms by clicking and downloading:

How to open the PDF forms

These forms won't open on a mobile device, you will need a computer.

Don't double-click the PDFs. Right click instead.

To access these PDF forms:

  1. Install Adobe Reader 10+Opens in a new browser window  or an alternate reader if you don't already have one
  2. Download and save the PDF file to your computerDownload and save the PDF file to your computer
  3. Right click on the PDF file you have saved on your computer, select "Open with", choose your PDF reader

We want to make the application process as easy to understand as possible.

Having certain information ready when you contact us can help if you are seeking access to products, services or supports. We start by working with you to gather the basic information to make the request.

To help us confirm the child's eligibility, we may need one of these:

  • name, date of birth or registration number of a First Nations child or parent who is registered under the Indian Act
  • name and date of birth of a First Nations child or parent who is not registered but is entitled to Indian status under the Indian Act
  • documents confirming a child ordinarily lives on a reserve
  • confirmation that your child is recognized by their First Nation for the purposes of Jordan's Principle – visit Confirmation of recognition for more information
    • as a parent or guardian, you could provide a copy of the Confirmation of recognition form completed by a First Nation's designated or deemed official
    • you can also choose to provide consent to Indigenous Services Canada to seek confirmation of recognition from your First Nation on your behalf by completing the Consent to communicate form
    • if you are a service coordinator, a First Nations leader or official looking for more information about what this means to your First Nation, visit Confirmation of recognition

Contact us to obtain copies of these forms.

You will also need to send in a document that shows how the requested product, service or support meets the child's identified health, social or educational need. This document could be from an Elder, knowledge keeper or professional in that field of expertise.

Each request is determined based on the best interests of the child, substantive equality and culturally relevant service provision. If you are unsure of what you should submit, visit document needed for a request or contact your regional focal point.

If you are seeking reimbursement, follow the steps listed in Step 7. Reimbursements.

Processing requests

The Jordan's Principle regional focal point in your area will review the completed request. A decision will be sent to you in writing after the request is processed.

How long it takes to process a request

Requests for a child or children in the same family or with the same guardian:

  • urgent requests (the child's current health or safety is a concern) are processed within 12 hours of receiving all necessary information
  • all other requests are processed within 48 hours of receiving all necessary information
    • if we do not have enough information to confirm the type of product, service or support the child needs, more time may be necessary to get this information; however, if the child requires an assessment of their need(s), this can be paid for immediately under Jordan's Principle

Requests for a group of children from multiple families or guardians:

  • urgent requests are processed within 48 hours of receiving all necessary information
  • all other requests are processed within 1 week of receiving all necessary information

Approved requests are managed in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. where possible, we arrange for the products, services or supports to be provided directly to the child, or children. In these situations, there is no cost to the family, guardian, child or authorized representative and reimbursement is arranged directly with the service provider or vendor
  2. if the family, guardian, child or authorized representative has already paid for the approved product, service or support, then reimbursement of these expenses will be provided

Denied request

If your request is denied, you may appeal the decision up to 1 year from the date the request was denied.


Each child's situation is unique. For this reason it is important to confirm coverage in advance with your Jordan's Principle regional focal point.

Reimbursement may be provided if the approved product, service or support has already been paid.

Requesting a reimbursement

A reimbursement form is needed:

  • to request reimbursement for costs already paid
  • for service providers and vendors to request direct payment for services rendered

Follow these 3 steps to request a reimbursement:

  1. contact us so we can help you start the process and confirm that the product, service or support will be funded
  2. complete a reimbursement form. We can send you the form and help you fill it in
  3. send the completed reimbursement form to the Jordan's Principle regional focal point in your area and include all relevant supporting documents

Receiving the payments

Requests for a child or children in the same family or with the same guardian:

  • the parent or guardian normally gets the payment if the child is under the age of majority in their province or territory of residence
  • children over age 16 may get the payment if they submitted the request
  • a vendor or service provider may be paid directly

Request for a group of children from multiple families or guardians:

  • payment will be made to the community or group that made the request
  • vendors or service providers may be paid directly

How to appeal decisions

Appeals to decisions under Jordan's Principle can be sent to regional focal points across Canada. They will help you start the appeal and work with you throughout the process.

If a request is denied, the requester may appeal the decision within 1 year of the date of denial. To do so, they must send in a written request to their regional Jordan's Principle focal point.

At a minimum, the request for appeal must contain:

  • the child's name and date of birth
  • the product or service requested
  • the date of denial and a copy of the Jordan's Principle denial letter (if available)

Although it is not required to begin an appeal, you may also include additional information, such as:

  • assessments
  • information showing that the request will help ensure:
    • substantive equality
    • access to a culturally appropriate service
    • meet the best interests of the child

New or additional information is not needed in order to start an appeal. The appeal process can take up to 30 business days.

Sending a request for appeal

An individual can appeal a decision on behalf of an eligible child as described in Step 2. Who is covered, including

  • a parent or guardian of that child
  • a First Nations child, or an Indigenous child ordinarily resident on reserve at the Age of Consent in their province or territory of residence
  • an authorized representative of the child, parent or guardian

Requests for appeals for a group of children from multiple families or guardians can be submitted by:

  • the community or group that submitted the request

Please contact us if you have:

  • any questions
  • new information about any request under Jordan's Principle that was submitted or denied between 2007 and 2017

For more information