Indian Day School Settlement/Compensation Application

Who is included in the Settlement?

Survivor Class Members =  is a person who attended an identified Indian Day School during the time of operation and/or controlled by Canada

Family Class Members = is a person who is deceased and will receive no direct compensation. Instead a $200,000,000.00 Legacy Fund is being established to support projects for commemoration, wellness/healing, and the restoration and preservation of Indigenous languages and culture.

Canada has agreed to pay compensation to Eligible Class Members in accordance with the severity of harms they suffered while attending an Indian Day School. This severity is measured against a Harms Assessment Grid that contains five levels of compensation. The level and associated compensation are the following:

Level 1: $10,000.00

Level 2: $50,000.00

Level 3: $100,000.00

Level 4: $150,000.00

Level 5: $200,000.00

Estates can make claims. This will go back as far as November 2007. If a person has passed away between November of 2007 and today, the estate of that person can still make a claim on that person’s behalf. So conceivably family members would share in the proceeds of those compensation on behalf of the estate.

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